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Chrissy and Chambord are the proud parents of one female and two male kittens born on Sept 29, 2004.  These kittens will be ready to go to their new homes the beginning of December 2004.

Marissa's Miracle Story at end of page




       Click on pictures to view full sizePictured in their birth order when named.

3 days old A.jpg (21917 bytes) 3 days old B.jpg (14941 bytes) 3 days old C.jpg (17536 bytes)
Three days old Three days old Three days old
5 days old A.jpg (23971 bytes) 5 days old B.jpg (25818 bytes) 5 days old C.jpg (13151 bytes)
Five days old Five days old Five days old
Macadamia one week.jpg (14928 bytes) Cashew one week.jpg (19040 bytes) Walnut one week.jpg (16181 bytes)
Macadamia one week (female) Cashew one week (male) Walnut one week (male)
Macadamia 1.5 weeks.jpg (16219 bytes) Cashew 1.5 weeks.jpg (14609 bytes) Walnut 1.5 weeks.jpg (16750 bytes)
Macadamia 1 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 1 1/2 weeks (male) Walnut 1 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Macadamia two weeks.jpg (13771 bytes) Cashew two weeks.jpg (13145 bytes) Walnut two weeks.jpg (12211 bytes)
Macadamia  2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 2 weeks (male) Walnut 2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Macadamia 2.5 weeks.jpg (12295 bytes) Cashew 2.5 weeks.jpg (13763 bytes) Walnut 2.5 weeks.jpg (11810 bytes)
Macadamia  2 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 2 1/2 weeks (male)  Walnut  2 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Macadamia 3.5 weeks A.jpg (13126 bytes) Cashew 3.5 weeks A.jpg (12587 bytes) Walnut 3.5 weeks A.jpg (12237 bytes)
Macadamia 3.5 weeks B.jpg (14850 bytes) Cashew 3.5 weeks B.jpg (20176 bytes) Walnut 3.5 weeks B.jpg (17301 bytes)
Macadamia  3 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 3 1/2 weeks (male)   Walnut  3 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Macadamia 4.5 weeks A.jpg (15685 bytes) Cashew 4.5 weeks A.jpg (17728 bytes) Walnut 4.5 weeks A.jpg (16690 bytes)
Macadamia 4.5 weeks B.jpg (16042 bytes) Cashew 4.5 weeks B.jpg (14601 bytes) Walnut 4.5 weeks B.jpg (12222 bytes)
Macadamia  4 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 4 1/2 weeks (male)   Walnut  4 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Macadamia 5.5 weeks A.jpg (19696 bytes) Cashew 5.5 weeks A.jpg (18107 bytes) Walnut 5.5 weeks A.jpg (20090 bytes)
Macadamia 5.5 weeks B.jpg (20680 bytes) Cashew 5.5 weeks B.jpg (19556 bytes) Walnut 5.5 weeks B.jpg (21043 bytes)
Macadamia  5 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 5 1/2 weeks (male)   Walnut  5 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Macadamia 6.5 weeks A.jpg (27291 bytes) Cashew 6.5 weeks A.jpg (21726 bytes) Walnut 6.5 weeks A.jpg (22504 bytes)
Macadamia 6.5 weeks B.jpg (21153 bytes) Cashew 6.5 weeks B.jpg (22702 bytes) Walnut 6.5 weeks B.jpg (24477 bytes)
Macadamia  6 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 6 1/2 weeks (male)  Walnut  6 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Group 6.5 weeks A.jpg (24838 bytes) Group 6.5 weeks B.jpg (23240 bytes) Group 6.5 weeks C.jpg (22385 bytes)
Group 6.5 weeks D.jpg (21234 bytes) Group 6.5 weeks E.jpg (23864 bytes) Group 6.5 weeks F.jpg (26220 bytes)
Macadamia   Cashew   Walnut    6 1/2 weeks old  
Macadamia 7.5 weeks A.jpg (18526 bytes) Cashew 7.5 weeks A.jpg (15857 bytes) Walnut 7.5 weeks A.jpg (17784 bytes)
Macadamia 7.5 weeks B.jpg (18250 bytes) Cashew 7.5 weeks B.jpg (16519 bytes) Walnut 7.5 weeks B.jpg (25422 bytes)
Macadamia 7.5 weeks C bear.jpg (18658 bytes) Cashew 7.5 weeks C bear.jpg (18980 bytes) Walnut 7.5 weeks C bear.jpg (20901 bytes)
Macadamia  7 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew  7 1/2 weeks (male)   Walnut  7 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Group 7.5 wks A.jpg (24909 bytes) Group 7.5 wks B.jpg (24981 bytes) Group 7.5 wks C.jpg (26322 bytes) Group 7.5 wks D.jpg (26599 bytes)
Macadamia   Cashew   Walnut    7 1/2 weeks old  
Macadamia 8.5 weeks C.jpg (16316 bytes) Cashew 8.5 weeks C.jpg (19027 bytes) Walnut 8.5 weeks C.jpg (18145 bytes)
Macadamia 8.5 weeks D.jpg (15821 bytes) Cashew 8.5 weeks D.jpg (18299 bytes) Walnut 8.5 weeks D.jpg (19247 bytes)
Macadamia 8.5 weeks A.jpg (18579 bytes) Cashew 8.5 weeks A.jpg (17108 bytes) Walnut 8.5 weeks A.jpg (19003 bytes)
Macadamia 8.5 weeks B.jpg (19259 bytes) Cashew 8.5 weeks B.jpg (23714 bytes) Walnut 8.5 weeks B.jpg (21768 bytes)
Macadamia  8 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 8 1/2 weeks (male)   Walnut  8 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Group 8.5 wks A.jpg (21605 bytes) Group 8.5 wks B.jpg (20286 bytes) Group 8.5 wks C.jpg (21446 bytes)
Walnut    Macadamia   Cashew   8 1/2 weeks old  
Macadamia Santa 9.5 weeks A.jpg (25811 bytes) Cashew Santa 9.5 weeks A.jpg (25857 bytes) Walnut Santa 9.5 weeks A.jpg (26986 bytes)
Macadamia Santa 9.5 weeks B.jpg (22354 bytes) Cashew Santa 9.5 weeks B.jpg (25356 bytes) Walnut Santa 9.5 weeks B.jpg (25818 bytes)
Macadamia Santa 9.5 weeks C.jpg (23372 bytes) Cashew Santa 9.5 weeks C.jpg (19355 bytes) Walnut Santa 9.5 weeks C.jpg (25203 bytes)
Macadamia Santa 9.5 weeks D.jpg (24991 bytes) Cashew Santa 9.5 weeks D.jpg (24786 bytes) Walnut Santa 9.5 weeks D.jpg (28853 bytes)
Macadamia  9 1/2  weeks   "Mia"  (female) Cashew 9 1/2 weeks (male)   Walnut  9 1/2 weeks  "Wally" (male)
Group 9.5 weeks A.jpg (31547 bytes) Group 9.5 weeks C.jpg (30851 bytes) Group 9.5 weeks D.jpg (32518 bytes)
Group 9.5 weeks G.jpg (26488 bytes) Group 9.5 weeks H.jpg (26882 bytes) Group 9.5 weeks I.jpg (30746 bytes)
Group Blanket 9.5 wks A.jpg (27646 bytes) Group Blanket 9.5 wks B.jpg (28426 bytes) Group Blanket 9.5 wks C.jpg (27921 bytes) Group Blanket 9.5 wks D.jpg (24921 bytes)
Macadamia   Walnut   Cashew   9 1/2 weeks old  

The  End

Hope you enjoyed the picture show.  

Macadamia is going to live in Euless, TX with Beth.

Cashew is going to live in Denver, CO with Marissa.

Walnut is going to live with Miami now Lily Grace and Janet.


Marissa's Miracle Story

Marissa Montgomery, a 12 year old from Denver, CO knows that miracles do exist as one just manifested in her life.  Marissa had searched the Internet and found her purrfect dream kitten named Cashew in Boston, MA.  

Marissa wanted two kittens but only one was available now and the other one, named Parcheesi, would not be available until the end of January.

Her parents decided that it would be best to make one trip to Boston in January and bring them both home at the same time.  Marissa was saddened at the fact she would not have a kitten for Christmas.  This upset her Dad Ron and he devised the purrfect plan.

With the spirit of Christmas in his heart and the magic of the holiday season in the air, he was able to arrange flights from Denver to Boston and back.  

It would take 24 hours to complete this happy holiday trip with connecting flights and lay overs but Ron was determined to make his daughter’s Christmas the merriest of all with a kitten for Christmas.

Unbeknown to Marissa of her Dad’s exact where abouts Dad Ron flew all night long arriving in Boston at 10:30 in the morning on Saturday December 11, 2004. 

Ron had a twinkle in his eye and a smile across his face that lit up like the brightest Christmas tree any child would want too see when he eyes gazed upon that little furry face of Cashew the 10 week old Shaded Silver Persian kitten.

Ron was ecstatic and could not contain his happiness.  He was full of great joy and merriment knowing that Cashew was destined for his daughter Marissa.  This truly will be a great Christmas for the Montgomery family of Denver, CO.

Ron gathered up Cashew and put him in the carrier and left Boston around 3:00 p m for the long flight home.  About 8 long hours later Ron arrived back in Denver to bring Cashew home and into Marissa’s surprised arms.

Marissa could not believe her eyes.  She had "no clue" that Cashew would be there for Christmas.  Marissa was beside herself with happiness and joy.  What a terrific surprise.  Surely a divine intervention for this special Christmas present.

Miracles do happen today.  We just do not realize that they are miracles. Marissa has a very special loving and caring Dad that any child would want to have. 

Her Dad calls her the "hugger in the family" and I am sure her Dad got a very big hug for this very special present.

Ron will come back to Boston in January and bring Parcheesi home to give Marissa’s Cashew a little playmate.

To end this happy holiday heart warming story, "Yes Marissa, there is a Santa Claus".

Do you hear a bell ringing!…….... 

Did someone just get their wings……………   ^i^

Marissa and Cashew

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"To grow where we are planted is to walk the road we find ourselves on."  George Anderson author of Walking in the Garden of Souls.

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