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Miracle Story

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 Vivian's describes her flight across America with Miss Wings. 

Hi All,

Guess most of you know that I'd volunteered to take a special kitty cross country to her new home with author Mary Ellen of "Expect Miracles" and "Christmas Miracles".  Here the story of my journey. This took place Feb 19th, 2002 and I came back Feb 21st.
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Miss Wings Takes Flight 

First I must thank Linda (breeder of Miss Wings) for her generous gift of an angel to an angel which started this whole gift of love, friendship and miracles.

I met Linda and her lovely friend Janice at our designated spot in front of United Airlines ticket counter, where I got my first live glimpse of Miss Wings, what a beauty! I could not take my eyes off of her. After a short visit (and a Kodak moment) I think Linda was comfortable that her precious kitten with no tail was in safe hands.

Our first flight of six and a half hours started off quietly enough. As the trip progressed the crew warmed up to us and gave us total attention and care. We took photos and cooed over our precious "special bag" as was written on the tag United taped to her carrier. Well, OK, we got spoiled!

Miss Wings took to the air as if she was born to fly. She slept through the two takeoffs and landings, while during the flight was so playful, only stopping to eat and take an occasional "cat nap." At times she slept holding my hand with both paws and one time she fell asleep with my finger clenched between her tiny baby teeth. She never showed any signs of stress.

By our second flight from San Francisco to Eugene, Oregon word had spread of our travels. We were greeted with "so here is our little Miss Wings, we've been waiting to meet her." Well, yes, spoiled again, even a bottle of champagne for our arrival celebration.

We were met in Eugene, Oregon by Mary Ellen, her lovely daughter Ariel, dear friends Rebecca-Mae, National Guardswoman and soon to be photo journalist, and Betty (who interviewed me in depth for her column). Also newspaper reporter Karen, and T V reporter Jack equipped  with   T V camera and questions of their own to ask. Meanwhile the welcoming committee oooh'd and aaaah'd over their newest Cottage Grove resident.

Another warm welcome from Howard, Mary Ellen's husband with a wonderful home cooked meal. (He can work in my kitchen any time!) I was showered with love, appreciation, honor and so many acts of generosity and kindness from everyone I met.  Mary Ellen even ran  beautifully scented bubble baths for me to relax in at night.  We became great and fast friends.  She has a wonderful spirit and is genuinely (OK maybe a bit obsessed with) wanting to inspire everyone to create or take part of everyday miracles (hey, that's a good thing)!  We huddled together to watch the first broadcast of our story on the evening news and then the radio station story (while the little Miss took over the house). Bursts of applause erupted after each.

The sad part came next, it was time to head home. I couldn't hug Mary Ellen hard enough or long enough.  Miss Wings romped around our feet asking for her hugs and kisses too.  The little angel stole my heart as did all my new Cottage Grove friends.  I left knowing Miss Wings was happy and well adjusted in her new home and I left with a heart full of love, wonderful warm memories and yes, many tears.

Again thank you Linda for creating this miracle, and thank you to my wonderful sister Annette for letting me know that a flight attendant angel was needed.

With ^l^ove,


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Vivian & her 3 cats.

Mary Ellen

Linda + Miss Wings 6 wks

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